Children’s Pizza Workshop

Children’s ‘Pizza Party’ workshop

at birdcage rainbow

One of our experienced chefs will begin by giving a pizza-making demonstration!

Each child is then given their own pizza base to design.

They are able to add their own choice of toppings, from the selection provided at the time. This usually consists of, but is not limited to; cheese, ham, pepperoni, and olives. With vegan options now available!

The pizzas are then cooked by our chefs and later served to the children by our in-house staff.

Finally dessert is served! With a choice of;

A home-baked cup-cake, to ice and decorate


Two scoops of ice-cream, selected from those available


A sponge cake, baked in-house.

Unlimited juice and water is provided throughout.

£14.95 per child

– With balloons provided!

Suitable for parties of 6-16 children. Parties may be held between 12-4:30pm, any day of the week!

Booking is essential to guarantee availability






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